Monday, September 15, 2008

Sikhing a good cop, not a Turbanator

Oh dear lord, this definitely puts the PC into police constable.

A  Sikh constable in Nelson is going to be allowed to wear a large towel on his head instead of the regulation cap.

Nelson Bays police area commander Inspector Brian McGurk said adding a turban to the police uniform reflected that the organisation was becoming more diverse and more representative of the communities it worked alongside.

McGurk said he was delighted that the police had been able to help Mr Malhi nurture his religious and cultural beliefs.

There had been extensive consultation between the police ethnic responsiveness coordinator, its uniform standards co-ordinator and the Sikh community before the turban was approved, he said.

Now there are a couple of observations one can make about towels being applied to the head of a policeman other than when one comes out of the shower but I am too nice to mention them.

All I can do is wonder what will be next, Rasta cops with tea cosy helmets, Skater cops with backwards baseball cap helmets, how about a full Burkha for the Muslim woman who likes to do undercover police work even when wearing body hugging police issue blues?
Burkha Cops in Iran

On a less serious note, will our police dogs be wearing little booties(thanks Leighton Smith for the tip) as they do in parts of the UK, when they are required to search a Muslim household?

Probably, it is just a question of when.
His mates have shunned him

Is it any wonder why a certain cop was shot dead last week in the hell-hole that is South Auckland, by some scumbag when Labour Party sanctioned police priorities are to.

nurture his religious and cultural beliefs.


There had been extensive consultation between the police ethnic responsiveness coordinator.

How about nurturing the ability of officers to be able to defend themselves from bullets, knives, rocks, cars and other things that are used to attack them.

No word yet on whether Mr Malhi has consulted the police ethnic thingamy whatsit to see whether he can stop and pray before he asks a mongrel Mob member to please don't shoot me and please put down your gun sir.

Bring back the tough cops and the tough attitude-where are you Clint Rickards and Anthony Solomona, both drummed out of the police by Labour for PC reasons. 

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  1. You are bloody rascist

  2. Darren, the anonymous commenter is right! You are a racist! Of course the Sikh guy should be allowed to wear a turban if he wants to.

    Heck, if his religion dictated that he should wear long flowing robes at all times, I suppose you would have a problem with that too! Or what if a muslim woman wearing one of those extreme burqas with just a slit for looking out of, what if she wanted to become a police officer? I suppose you would say she had to take off the gear and dress like a normal police officer.

    I'm ashamed of you Darren, you are incredibly intolerant!!!

  3. Andy, I almost posted a explanation of what I said and why I said it to you, then I noticed all your explanation marks and figured out you might have been a touch sarcastic.


    I have a right to an opinion that is different to yours, that doesn't make me a racist.

    My main thrust is of course that focusing on "diversity" and other such politically correct nonsense, you take the focus off the main reason why the police exists.

    To serve and protect the public and have the the ability to keep themselves safe while they are doing so.

  4. You are still are rascist

  5. You are welcome to your opinion Anon, as deluded as it is.

    Readers can decide for themselves what I am.

    Cheers, Darren

  6. He could conceal a gun under the turban!!

  7. Or is that a gun in your turban or are you just happy to see me? :)


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