Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dont quote me on that

"Tax cuts next week would help stimulate the economy"

-Michael Cullen Sept 26 2008

This wee sentence by the Deputy Dr will now be etched into history as a major turn around in fiscal and ideological thinking.

Consider these quotes:

“We just don't believe in tax cuts - it's against our fundamental philosophy - after all we are socialists and proud of it.”

-Micheal Cullen 

"Tax cuts are a very sort of blunt weapon to redistribute income"

— Mike Williams, President of the Labour Party

"Tax cuts are a path to inequality. They are the promises of a vision-less and intellectually bankrupt people"

— Helen Clark, speech to 2000 labour Party Conference

I am confused, do tax cuts stimulate economies or are they only fit to do an unthinking Robin Hood trick with your money when there is a philosophical shift prior to a general election?

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