Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Little Prick" Michael Cullen misjudges economic turmoil,again

The current market turmoil and subsequent downturn in global economic conditions are great reasons why National should go ahead with their "$50 tax cut" plan.

There has been much fuss made by the uniformed and ideologically bent Michael Cullen over this issue:

He suggested the forced sale of Mr Key's former employer - Merrill Lynch - in the US showed the National Party leader was not a safe pair of hands to manage it.

"You don't want a gambler and short-term money market player who will risk billions and billions of dollars. We are seeing in the United States the consequences of that kind of mentality unfolding right now."

That is not only sneering and sticking the knife into people who may have lost money, people mikeyboy calls "rich pricks" but it is patently misleading.

During downturns such as these one of the best things a Government can do is stimulate the economy. Using tax cuts to do this is the perfect way to ease the economic pressures in the short and long-term.

Of course Cullen's antidote to the current problems will be to tax New Zealanders more.
For people out of his depth, such as him-he has a doctorate in history-raising taxes will be a way of "protecting the State" something he loves.

Bugger the proletariat though, he has a different feeling for us.

So if you are expecting this individual to manage New Zealand's way economically well over the next 3 long turbulent years just remember who led you into the current mess.

He has mismanaged the economy for the last 9 years under the best  economic conditions for generations, imagine his ideological tax and spend ways under a deep recession.

It would be an unmitigated disaster.

He has had a chance.

Vote the "little prick" out.

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