Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mike Williams knew of Glenn donation in 2005, did Clark?

In  an admission by Owen Glenn today he has revealed that he had consulted with Labour Party president Mike Williams before contributing $100,000 to New Zealand First/Winston Peters so it would not be seen by Labour as "being unhelpful to its own interests".

This is interesting because it marries up with the fact that Williams boss, Helen Clark, knew about the Glenn donation back in February. 

Both Clark and Williams therefore withheld sensitive damning evidence from New Zealanders to preserve Clark's Government.

It also begs the questions did Williams tell Clark about the donation in 2005? It is not Helen Clark's style not to know everything going on regarding her party. She simply demands complete control and it defies logic and her political history for her not to have known about the Glenn donation, in 2005.

It is time Clark was forced to give evidence in her defence about what she knew and when she knew it before the Privileges Commission.

Kiwis wanna know before an election.

Williams begged Glenn for a further contribution to the Labour Party less than 2 months ago.

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