Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Falwasser should be out for the count


The Falwasser family

I haven't seen the full video of Rawiri Falwasser resisting police officers in a Tauranga police cell in 2006 and neither do I have to to make up my mind that Falwasser was being a violent fruitcake on the day he was injured.

Falwasser was resistant to police from the get go, mentally disturbed and once in his cell refused to leave when he was told to.

He received the bulk of his serious injuries from whacking his head against the cell walls and other minor injuries sustained from cops trying to restrain him-from hurting himself if nothing else.

Once again the perpetrator of a crime gets all the sympathy and the cops get critiqued and undermined in public for merely doing their job.

The flimsy case against the police for "beating" the nascent thief was lost but now the Falwasser family want to sue police.

A typical victim mentality that Labour has bred in certain sectors of Kiwi society over the last 9 years that makes individuals think that as criminals they have more rights than victims.

Pass me a bucket.

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  1. You say that you have not watched the footage, but have yet made up your mind that the police were justified in their actions. What blind faith you have in our police officers and justice system! You make assertions about Rawiri without any evidence yet refer to the case of police brutality as "flimsy". Watch the video and ask yourself whether the cops actions were justified, regardless of how much of an idiot this Falwasser guy obviously is.
    The cops clearly were not just "doing their job". The repeated use of the spray on a man in a secure cell is certainly not professional conduct, it is savage abuse of power. How they got off the charges I guess we will never know.
    The pope doesn't have faith as strong as you.

  2. I actually said I haven't seen the FULL video.

    I have seen the short media beat up video and even that confirms to me that Falwasser was violent and out of control and needed to be restrained.

    The cell wasn't secure as you say, the inmate was doing harm to himself and needed to stop.

    The police are/were responsible for the safety of individuals in their cells and the protection of the public and themselves and that is what they were doing here.

    They must be allowed to do their jobs without interference from political shenanigans such as the Falwasser family are now trying to do.

    Their opposition has nothing to do with justice it has to do with a possible payout for the family if they succeed in their grubby little scam in the courts.

  3. Rickard: Just remember it was Crown vs Police. Not the Falwasser's that took them to court.

  4. Anon: I am fully aware that the family didn't take the initial case that the Crown failed to prove.

    The Family's "spokesman" mentioned that the opportunistic family will take a civil case themselves.

  5. Arent you related to that pariah and rapist cop Clint Rickard??? It says it all mate - go back under your banana tree you little monkey.

  6. I should rather think that you would be happy under a labour govt - they saved your family from being incarcerated. National would have had the cops put through the wringer left to dry out in mainstream prison. Id think you should also be more concerned as to your infamous uncle Clint or is that Daddy Clint to you? Raped any children lately has he? Louise was 14 when they raped her- hardly out of nappies yet I suspect you may carry his traits - vicious cycles.

  7. To the Anon above. You are blind as well as stupid.

    Clints name is Rickards, mine is Rickard.

    Do you need to me to point out what that means?

    Another point. He wasn't convicted of rape of the individual you mention.

    Take your medication.

    End of story.

  8. You sound like one hell of a sicko, pass you a bucket you need to take it off from over your head, you are obviously blinded by the truth. Rickard-Rickards who gives a toss,you obviously live a negative life,clean up your own background .your comments tell it all!!!


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