Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NZ First and Greens collude with Labour to pass fraudulent emissions bill

It looks like the Labour Government's emissions trading wet dream is set to pass over the next two weeks.

The Green Party and NZ First's Winston Peters had secret talks in Wellington a week or so back and both parties then agreed to vote for Labour's scheme.

It is set to cost New Zealand billions, lost jobs, and a destruction of the economy when the carbon trading market collapses and it will because it is based on hot air.

The scheme is based on a fraudulent trading scheme put together by the boys at the collapsed energy trading firm Enron in the 1990s.

The trading scheme and all that it entails is simply about making money for "inside individuals" and more taxes for our government.

A question one might have to ask oneself why some of the highly placed individuals in New Zealand might be pushing this carbon nonsense?

In the absence of any logical reason I would have to surmise that money is involved.

Like Al Gore, the answer might be that people like him in New Zealand stand to benefit financially by millions and have a vested interest in passing such moronic laws.

It would be interesting to see what investments Helen Clark, Russell Norman, Jeannette Fitzsimmons and Winston Peters have in their bottom draw.

We know Jeanette or her family trust have shares in Windflow Technology, a Windmill company set to benefit from this law being passed and she and the aforementioned are all leaders of parties that are voting for it.

I cant think of any other explanation or motivation for these politicians to back this law except lining their own pockets.

Can you?

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