Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well done Cindy !

The success of the anti smacking law rolls on. Yesterday a 4 month old boy from Labour's big socialist welfare experiment, South Auckland, was sent to Starship Hospital with serious head injuries, suffered at the hands of his parents.

Cindy Kiro was on the ball as usual with this:

It was time something was done to ensure "we get it right for the next generation".

Wasn't the law that you were head stooge for supposed to do "something"? Shame on you Cindy and all those who supported the dodgy anti smacking law.

Getting hard on the detritus who do these sorts of things would be a bloody good start. Cindy and her ilk would rather punish good loving parents who want to keep their kids out of danger by allowing them to use a light smack to correct behaviour.

It is perverse that Cindy and her extreme socialist mates in the Labour Party have the whole thing back to front. That is socialism for you though. By its very nature it is dangerous, perverse, backwards, doesn't make sense and has led to much misery and eventually death, everywhere it has been practiced.

The 4 month old boy joins a long list of New Zealand child abuse victims. Despite the Labour led Government spending more than NZ 14 million on anti-violence campaigns, at least three children under the age of 5 have died at the hands of parents or others this year.

Many others have been seriously injured and the removal of section 59 just sits there blowing nakedly in the breeze, as a reminder of how thoughtless its proponents were

Hang your heads anti smacking zealots, your law is a resounding failure but the sensible among us, the majority of kiwis, already knew it would be before it was passed.

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  1. Well said Darren.

    Hey, you blog at NoMinister too, do you?

  2. Hi Andy, just keeping my end in writing on Political Animal and Share Investor Blogs keeps me busy.

    I may have made a comment or two on NM though.

    Keep up the good fight.

    Regards, Darren

  3. Gotcha, confusing you with the Darren who blogs as Fairfacts Media at NoMinister then.

    Cool Blog, catchya later.

  4. Clearly the other Darren, like most of us Darrens, is a truely quality part of our media.

    Cheers for the ups


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