Friday, August 8, 2008

VIDEO: Paris Hilton for Prime Minister

As the readers of Political Animal know, we are never, ever trivial, and I would like to say that the video that is being presented here is about as serious as one can get when it comes to politics and the political landscape in 2008.

Unlike the New Zealand Labour Party, Paris is always relevant, has serious issues to broach and has really, really, really good energy policy.

Paris Hilton also has an interest in the environment, health care, business and a policy to end war in the Middle East.

The best part is though, in this pre-Presidential video, is that little Paris is unable to conceal any secret recording devices to tape her worthy opponents. The girl is almost naked and lets face it most politicians wouldnt look good nude but like hey, Paris does.

Good on ya for being upfront Paris, we could use your political savvy here in New Zealand.

Not only more intelligent than the whole Labour Cabinet put together but much easier on the eye than our current Prime Minister Ms Helen.

At Political Animal we endorse Paris Hilton's run for President.

We love Paris, we Love Paris!

c Political Animal 2008


  1. HA-HA! I watched Paris Hilton political ad video at
    She's witty =))

  2. Very interesting comment anon. Im sure you and Paris have alot in common, not the least of which, may I suggest, your intellectual capacity.



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