Thursday, August 28, 2008

Helen Clark uses the Nuclear Option

"I am not a crook"

Richard Nixon 1973

I don't slow down and gawk when passing a car wreck and look away at carnage on news footage.
I will make an exception for the Winston Peters/Helen Clark/ Owen Glenn Payola scandal because it is highly satisfactory to me to see the train wreck of a Labour Government crumble before my very eyes.

Labour say they don't want nuclear power in New Zealand but the nuclear option was used on the public today when she revealed that she is donkey deep, smack in the middle of the Peters/Glenn donation scandal.

Helen Clark knew back in February that Peters had received $100,000 from Owen Glenn because Glenn told Clark that when he came to New Zealand on Government business in February 2008.

She has been watching on the sidelines for 6 months.

She has seen his denials, watched his performances in New Zealand and attempts overseas to bring democracy to Fiji and relied on his support in the house to pass important legislation, that changes New Zealanders' lives-the latest legislation the economy crushing Emissions Trading Bill.

She had a chance to bring this to a head 6 months ago, she had the evidence but because she wanted to protect herself politically, so chose to say nothing.

She came out today with the H Bomb simply because any further evidence from Glenn to the Privileges Committee next Thursday would have put Clark in a very difficult decision.

This afternoon Labour has also called Owen Glenn "confused" about his recollection of events regarding the money that Winston Peters asked Glenn for, even though it is Peters whose lies have been clearly exposed.

Glenn has been one of Labour's biggest donors and has given them a total of $600,000 over the last 3 years, $100,000 of it was denied by the Labour Party president earlier this year , Mike Williams, and he and his party were therefore embroiled in a similar donation scandal earlier this year.

Critiquing your major donor isn't a good look or smart, especially when he probably has evidence that will bring down the Labour support partner Winston Peter's NZ First.

Clark in effect has covered up for her Minister Winston Peters and now her thin veil of respectability has been completely demolished.

This isn't the first time Clark's credibility has been exposed and it wont be the last.

New Zealanders need and deserve more than the banana republic that we have become.

Clark must now call an early election and let the people decide if they forgive her for her latest cover-up.

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