Thursday, August 28, 2008

NZ Herald Digipoll: 28 August 2008

The gap is closing between the two main players and the mother of the nation, Aunty Helen ,will be rubbing her bony hands together with socialistic glee.

Oh the humanity!

4:00AM Thursday August 28, 2008 By Paula Oliver

National leads Labour in every age group and every income band in the August Herald-DigiPoll survey, but its dominance is reducing among middle-aged people and higher-income earners.
With National still polling 50 per cent overall, it enjoys good support across the board.

However, since the July DigiPoll survey, which gave National a 24.6 percentage point lead - dramatically reduced to 13.7 points in this month's poll - John Key's party has suffered a loss of support in areas it might normally think might be skewed in its favour.

Although the numbers of people in each age bracket are small and therefore the analysis of the figures is indicative only, National has notably lost support in the 30-39, 50-59, and 60-69 age groups since July while Labour has picked it up.


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