Friday, August 22, 2008

EPMU bullies employee out of job because of politics

Looks like a union standard for an employee that you mustn't be discriminated against because of sex,age or politics only apples at the EPMU if you are a Labour Party voter.

The Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union, a division of the Labour Party, have bullied ACT party list candidate Shawn Tan, who works for them, and suspended him from his employment because of his ACT Party connections.

His employment rights have clearly been breached by EPMU president Andrew Little, a president with designs on being a part of the next Labour Government.

This is a union that has fought employers tooth and nail for doing the same thing that the EPMU are now doing to Tan-trying to bully him into submission because he has different political views to his employer.

This is a union who is also trying to campaign-as an entity separate from any political party-in the 2008 election as a third party under the terms of the Electoral Finance Act.

We all know that this is clearly bollocks of the highest order. The EPMU is closely affiliated with The Labour Party and its dopey members are directly funding Labour's 2008 Election campaign through their "union fees".

Presumably Tan belongs to a union, I hope that union takes the EPMU to the employment court and does them like the socialist basted turkeys that they clearly are.

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