Thursday, August 21, 2008

Condoms VS Herceptin

An appallingly bad decision by a politically correct New Zealand drug funding body, pharmac has led to the bizarre situation whereby the body is funding garbage like flavoured condoms instead of top notch life saving and life improving drugs like the anti cancer drug Herceptin and the best drugs for heart, arthritis and all sorts of other ailments.

The Labour Party and their zeal for "diversity" has reached ridiculous proportions even large a ribbed , banana flavoured condom wont cover

Pharmac's defence that the decision makes sense because their deal with the condom supplier gives more choice and therefore increases sexual health through increased usage of condoms, smacks of a stupidly that even a five year old born because dad didn't wear a condom can see through.

There is no evidence to back up increased sexual health because of condom use, in fact all good research shows the opposite:

GOVERNMENT attempts to reduce high-risk sexual behaviour among teenagers have had exactly the opposite effect, according to an authoritative new study.

Expanding contraceptive services and providing the morning-after pill free to teenagers have encouraged sexual behaviour rather than reducing it, according to economists at Nottingham University.

“The method which the Government’s teenage pregnancy strategy relies upon is almost guaranteed to produce these results. They have always promoted condom use, but have never contemplated the possibility of teaching young people abstinence.”

In conjunction with a relaxed attitude by schools to to sex, including teaching students that anal sex is an acceptable alternative to typical intercourse- because pregnancy is clearly not on the cards-and Labour Government moves to make the morning after pill more widely available, Pharmac's move is another nail in the coffin for reversing the increased promiscuity that is ruining young peoples lives.

The aids foundation was canvassed before the introduction of the flavoured condoms by Pharmac and they advocated the use of the range of condoms.

Curbing pregnancy rates was another indicator for Pharmac to introduce the rainbow of coloured,ribbed and flavour rubbers. Most of us know though that flavoured condoms are used for oral sex and not intercourse so that puts Pharmac's assertions to bed, so to speak.

Instead of denying the best drugs and new drugs to New Zealanders because of "lack of funding" Helen Clark's Labour Party should be instructing Pharmac to cut back on politically correct funding of such things as pretty looking condoms.

They will be just the tip of the flavoured condom.

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