Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dom Post reels in another Peter's payment

It just keep getting worse for the hapless, corrupt and corrosive old pensioner Winston Peters.

The forth, or is it fifth, secret cash payment to Peters or his party, New Zealand First, has been uncovered by the Dom Post this morning.

Once again Peter's denies and his own voters and the rest of us cannot trust an individual running for office until things are explained. But the baubled one wont.

Just goes to prove, when one is holier than though over stopping others from getting donations for running elections, in relation to the Electoral Finance Act that Peters trumpeted from his squeaky clean pulpit, one gets hoisted on ones own cross.

And he could have been Prime Minister.

Another NZ First donation revealed

By PHIL KITCHIN and MARTIN KAY - The Dominion Post Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Winston Peters rebuffs our interview request Video

Winston Peters' credibility is in further doubt, with new claims emerging that NZ First accepted donations from a Simunovich account.

The NZ First leader has publicly stated that the party did not receive money from Simunovich Fisheries, a heavyweight fisheries company.

But a well-placed NZ First source has told The Dominion Post that the party banked at least one cheque bearing the Simunovich name.

The latest revelation heaps more pressure on Mr Peters to answer questions about allegations around NZ First's political donations.

It came as he was referred to Parliament's privileges committee to face questions about a $100,000 donation to his legal bills from expatriate shipping billionaire Owen Glenn, which was not declared in the MPs' register of pecuniary interests.


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