Friday, August 29, 2008

Helen Clark's secret agenda

News out yesterday that Helen Clark knew about Winston Peter's guilt over the Owen Glenn donation to Peters clearly reveals a secret agenda over party donations and the operation of her Labour Government over the last 6 months that she has been aware of Winston Peters part in this whole charade.

This is in the light of her and her party railing strongly against John Key and the National Party for having a secret agenda of their own.

The Labour Party and their President Mike Williams were embroiled in a Glenn funding scandal of their own earlier this year, when questions were asked about the timing , value and status of donations from Labours biggest donor, a donor who gifted Labour more than $500,000.

The secrecy of Clark over the Peter's scandal should put Glenn's donations to Labour under further scrutiny, given the dodgy nature of Winston Peters machinations over the last 6 months.

The question Labour voters would have to ask themselves-what else does our leader have to hide?

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