Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Winston caught out lying

Winston Peters has been caught out!

Owen Glenn has provided written evidence that Winston Peters asked him for a donation and further evidence to show that Peters thanked Glenn for a $100,000 donation.

Peters has in the past denied that he knew of the $100,000 donation made to him or his party and has repeated that in Parliament.

This clearly means Winston Peters has lied about the Owen donation and also increases the doubts over numerous other suspect donations to Peters and his NZ First Party.

Watch for a spin cycle so agitated from Peters that he calls Glenn's recollection vague and not to be trusted. In effect calling Glenn a liar.

Peters new lies will have to be big ones to cover off these latest revelations.

Yesterday, in his own letter to the Privileges Committee Winston Peters comments are at odds with today's Glenn revelations.

Helen Clark really has no choice but to call an early election because Peters has to be sacked for lying to Parliament (Video) over the Glenn donation.

The last post in a crumbling Labour Government has just fallen and it is a shameful day for us all.

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