Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labour begs for more!

Owen Glenn really is the gift that keeps on giving. At least the Labour Party think so because they are asking him for more money!

In the wake of The Winston Peters donation scandal, over secret money from Glenn and other sources, Labour Party President Mike Williams has had the temerity to meet with Glenn within the past few months, and beg for more money for the upcoming election.

Most Kiwis would be a little confused by all this though.

Why would you ask for more money from a donor that you have publicly ridiculed on more than one occasion, and had two of your ministers, Michael Cullen and Winston Peters, question Glenn's honesty?

The simple answer is that Labour are desperate. Only desperate and out of control individuals or groups would stoop this low.

Labour were embroiled in an Owen Glenn funding saga of their own earlier this year. That revolved around when certain money was given by Glenn to Labour, how much it was and whether it was a gift or a loan.

They pretty much had done their dough with Glenn at that point because they dissed him in a highly public arena just after the scandal broke out and for Mike Williams to get on his knees to Glenn again shows a double lack of respect for the man.

Considering Labour passed their anti democratic and poorly drafted Electoral Finance Act in December 2007, in Helen Clark's infamous words, "to stop big money from buying elections", to keep going back to a billionaire to fund your election campaign is highly hypocritical to say the least and highly desperate again if I am to be fully accurate with my choice of words.

Given that Helen Clark knew that Owen Glenn had given money to Winston Peters and Peters had lied about it, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility to think that Ms Clark told Mike Williams that Peters had received money from the billionaire but asked Glenn for more money under these highly suspect circumstances anyway.

Helen Clark meanwhile has been backward in coming forward about dispensing with Peters services, because she needed his votes to pass fraudulent legislation and she has gone to ground over that issue and today's revelation.

You can bet she knew about Mike Williams plea from Owen Glenn for more money but she will not speak to the media.

Meanwhile, Winston Peters has been "stood down" or "stood himself down" from his portfolios and the Serious Fraud Office is investigating the multifaceted inaccuracies of his donations web.

Peters has employed well known ambulance chaser Peter Williams QC, whose main claim to fame is a penchant for advocating for those whose personalities who have acquired the "victim hood mentality" and whipping up media coverage. Winnie clearly fits that description to a tee.

Kiwis have had a gutsful of Labour's duplicity and lies over the Glenn scandal, theirs and Winston Peters.

We all now need a chance to either vindicate the present Government or elect a new one.

Lets get it on!

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