Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Margaret Wilson's Labour Party bias reaches peak

Speaker Margaret Wilson let her Labour Party bias reach its peak in Parliament yesterday.

Five times Rodney Hide tried to ask a question in regard to corruption centered at Winston Peters and his relationship to money allegedly paid to him by Simunovich Fisheries to "shut up" about corruption charges he had made against them.

That isn't important here. What is, is Margaret Wilson's denial of Rodney Hide's right to ask a question, according to standing orders and within parliamentary rules.

Wilson denied Peters his question when Peters alledged that there was a court case pending over the Simunovich case and therefore sub judice.

The trouble is nobody is aware of any such court case and Peters was unable to prove any evidence to back his claim.

What is clear is that Peters has escaped from answering another difficult question over continued corruption allegations and Margaret Wilson, whose job it is to be impartial, colluded with Peters to shut down the question.

She compounded her bias by allowing a supplementary to Hides original question that had no relation to the principle question and therefore shouldn't have been allowed.

Peters irrelevant supplementary in turn attacked Rodney Hide for "being corrupt" over a matter relating to the sacking of Donna Huata.

Margaret Wilson has been gradually descending into the abyss of today's deep bias towards her Labour Party colleagues since her first day as speaker and seems to have done as much as she could oiver the years to make Labours time in the House as comfortable as possible, without ever being too explicit.

Until today.

We really deserve better from our democracy.

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