Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sub-Standard political attack backfires

It has been revealed today that two members connected the Labour Party funded Blog Sub Standard were waiting outside the National Party Conference in the weekend. Dressed in National Party get ups. The president of the Young Socialists Labour Party confirmed it this morning.

It was someone connected with the Labour Party who secretly taped the conversations and then leaked them to the media.

This is the real scandal. Dirty filthy spying. There was nothing on the tapes that was secret or revealing. No big deal.

It is a new low in NZ politics to have a Watergate style attack on your political opponents.

It is the sign of a desperate, dying government, clinging onto power, in the face of a recession, crumbling public services, high crime rate and a funding scandal surrounding its major support party Winston Peters NZ First.

The bloggers on the sub-standard need to come out and reveal their involvement in this spying scandal, they know who deep throat is I’m sure.

It is going to blow up in your esteemed leaders face. Kiwis don't like the sort of underhanded sneaky behaviour like that from a Labour Party plant at the National Party conference.

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Who is the deep throat?

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