Friday, August 8, 2008

Labour backs ACC rorts

The Labour Party Blog, The Standard, has today come out and supported ACC staff using taxpayer money to get face lifts and pet grooming done for themselves.

...makes great economic sense. At a cost of just 0.005% of ACC’s total salary bill the activa contribution has led to improved productivity, less sick leave and improved staff retention, leading to a more stable and effective workforce.

Now, call me a dumb ass, but how do botox injections, pet grooming, day spas, and face lifts "improve productivity", and lead to a "more stable and effective workforce"?

Clearly they don't, and the folks at The Standard who leaked the audio tape from the National Party conference last weekend, will clearly support any sort of State agency, even if it is as corrupt an inefficient as ACC clearly is, just because it is in Labour's central mantra to back these large money wasting schemes because they are State run.

Clearly another case of philosophy triumphing over common sense.

But Maryan Street's backed ACC in Parliament yesterday:

Hon MARYAN STREET: I presume it is a case of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) practising what it preaches, in that it is trying to prevent injury. I commend it for that.

The back up coming from the Labour Party Blog, The Standard, today will backfire in Labour's face as it did with Street's backing of Housing welfare staff luxuriating at a 5 star resort last year.

When will they learn that kiwis have had a gutsful.

Gag me with a spoon, before socialism does.

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