Friday, August 15, 2008

Carbon trading legislation looks set to be rammed through

There is a rumour circulating around Wellington that Labour have been secretly meeting with the Greens and NZ First over the stalled Carbon credit trading legislation that Labour want to desperately pass.

They only have just over 2 weeks to pass the legislation needed to allow carbon credit trading to begin in New Zealand.

Now apart from the fact that Carbon Credit trading is based on the whole global warming, sorry "climate change", fraud, passing such negatively impactive legislation in a rushed manner is going to cause more problems than it will seemingly "solve".

The collapse of such a trading system is inevitable , as it is based on a "good" that is worth precisely nothing. You want to rush through half arsed legislation to bring in this kind of dodgy stuff?

Please no!

All I can hope is that the trek up the mountain yesterday by David Parker, Energy Minister and Climate Change zealot, will knock some sense into him and he will do a 180 degree turn.

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