Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Helen Clark lies down with dogs

The Labour Government has found itself in a difficult position today.

It relies on one Winston Peters to pass their Emissions Trading Bill, a bill so deleterious and poorly drafted that it will have a huge negative impact on New Zealanders and their economy.

If the bill is not passed into law and we have the unfortunate occurrence of another Labour Government after the 2008 election, they will not be able to pass the various taxes and charges that they have devised so that they can adhere to the Kyoto Protocol that they signed us up to.

While to rely on such a corrupt individual as Winston Peters to pass such a corrupt law as the Emissions Trading Bill might be understandable and clearly appropriate in that respect, it behoves Helen Clark to have principles for a change. She needs to sack Peters for his lies over the Owen Glenn donation and not rely on such an individual to pass such a country changing law, regardless of the politics that she is pushing.

To do nothing is to lay down with the Banana Republic dog, list member of Parliament, one Winston Peters and it reflects poorly on the credibility and honesty(again) of Helen Clark and her Labour Party.

It also tarnishes the high office of the position of Prime Minister, regardless of who the Prime Minister is.

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