Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cash for voting Labour

Its about tax, its about redistributing wealth, its about State control and it is about Labour staying in power.

In the guise of the fraudulent Emissions Trading Bill and the extra costs that it and other Labour imposed "climate change" policies will foist on New Zealanders, it was reported this morning that Labour will give the most cash to those on "low incomes" to ameliorate those costs.

The money will apparently come from income derived from the extra taxes that Labour and its support parties, the Greens and NZ First, have already imposed on us to "offset climate change" and the additional taxes to come.

In addition another billion dollars will be given to "insulate every New Zealand home".

In effect, these cash handouts will make every individual in New Zealand a welfare beneficiary-like working for families welfare but this time it enfolds everyone in its life stifling, vile State grip.

It is reported that the one-off cash handouts, "with most going to low income families" will be given in 2010.

I suspected that Labour would try to buy the 2008 election with cash bribes and I was right.

Doing it in the guise of the fraudulent "climate change" religion is a very clever way to do it. It appears hidden in the confusion and hype of this dopey movement.

Whichever way you cut it though, cash payments to voters is definitely buying votes.

The main reason Labour say they are handing out the cash though-to offset the costs that they are imposing on us in the first place- will have little impact because their "climate change" policies will costs all consumers manifold times more than they will "give back" to "vulnerable consumers".

That is without taking into account the eventual collapse of the emissions trading scheme and the whole dodgy "climate change" house of cards that it is built around.

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