Monday, August 18, 2008

Mike William's letter to Labour Voters

A wee gem has fallen into my hands today. It is a Labour Party begging letter for funding from their voters and it is only in my hands because the Labour voter that it went to, who has voted for Clark the last 3 times, is no longer going to.

This letter has been delivered to a sickness beneficiary, with no excess income and living in taxpayer funded housing.

I will quote parts of it over the next week just to give readers an idea of what Labour is telling their supporters.

This courtesy of Mike Williams, Labour Party President:

"You know with Helen and with Labour that we do what we say".

Curious language from a party president who tried to cover up donations from billionaire Owen Glenn earlier this year and a leader well known for routinely lying: Painter gate, limo gate, anti smacking legislation and much more.

It gets even worse for Mike Smith and Labour when you consider the following quote:

"National is also bitterly opposed to the reforms of election finance which have made election finances much more open".

This is clearly a bizarre statement to make. The Electoral Finance Act, which Labour passed last year, has made election funding less clear and has led to unprecedented confusion over election funding.

It doesn't stop secret funding, to any party, so Mike is lying again to his Labour Party faithful.

Labour have broken their own Electoral Finance Act on at least 3 occasions this year and was the first to do so.

I leave the last words to Mike Williams from his letter because they really say it all:

"...Helen Clark stands ready to lead Labour for the fifth time..."

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