Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Political Animal gets a visit from the Labour Party
How the staffers at the Labour Party Blog The Standard look in my imagination. They wont identify themselves, so this will have to do until they get the testicular fortitude to do so.

Although someone from Parliament or the Labour Party "rainbow youth" visits this site on the odd occasion , they were quick off the mark after the publishing of the connection between the Labour Party Blog, The Standard, and the bugging of the National Party Conference last weekend.

*Please note that the visitor from Parliament went through the Labour Party Blog to get to mine.

Number of Entries:
Entry Page Time:
Visit Length:
6th August 2008 18:25:10
2 hours 4 mins 37 secs
MSIE 6.0
Windows XP
Returning Visits:
Entry Page:
Exit Page:
Referring URL:
Wellington New Zealand ( [Label IP Address]

The connections between The Standard and Labour are clearly in evidence here. Tipped off by a stooge at the Blog, a Labour minion visited not long after.

They spent over 2 hours here too, clearly they loved it!

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