Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fraudulent Emissions Trading Bill

The most contentious, dangerous and economically disastrous legislation in New Zealand's history is set to be rammed through by the Labour Party and its lapdog support parties over the next two weeks.

The Emissions Trading Bill, to allow the trading of "Carbon Credits" has had 1000 corrections, little critical input and is based on the well known fraud that man is "warming the planet".

If you want to voice your opinion to Helen Clark and her fraudulent legislation contact her office at or fax or phone: Fax : 64 04 473-3579Phone : 64 04 471 9998.

Ask John Key from The National Party to ditch their own intention to pass a similar bill should they take office after the 2008 Election contact him at the following.

Email: (04)4719307 (Parliament)Phone: (09)4122496 (Electorate)

Lets try and stop this garbage.

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