Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not that there is anything wrong with it

This video is from the 2007 "Big Gay Out". In it Ms Clark espouses, gay,lesbian and "trans gender rights" and waxes lyrical about Civil Unions and the right of these kind of people to have their relationships "recognised by the State".

In itself there is nothing wrong at all with this or as Seinfeld would say "not that there is anything wrong with that".

Having said that there is no media available; audio, video or written transcript of Ms Clark espousing the rights of the Nuclear family; Husband, wife, house and kids, you know, those families who pay the bulk of the taxes that support the nations wheels of commerce, Government expenditure and all the various social(list) programs that Ms Clark and her merry bunch like to roll out under the banner of "diversity".

There is reference to Labour's "rainbow caucus" wing and Labour's Gay movement in the party having an impact on legislation. I have never seen Ms Clark so excited about a sector of the community before, her openly gay members; Tim Barnett, Chris Carter, Maryan Street and Charles Chavel and others not outed yet in the Labour Party are used as examples of eminently upstanding individuals in a "strong rainbow group".

My point is Ms Clark has never been so excited about mum, dad and the nuclear family-where she gets mostly of the taxes from-and in fact seems to take every opportunity to attack those families.

From the anti smacking laws, to Working for families welfare, where working families are spending less time together because they have to spend more time at work funding WFF and other anti family social(list) meddling, there is little enthusiasm for the goose that lays the golden egg.

What New Zealand needs, rather than Ms Clark's main focus on extreme minorities (not that there is anything wrong with it) is a focus and emphasis back on the family and therefore extricating ourselves from the ever decreasing moral cesspool that we have found ourselves swimming in.

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