Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winnie the Blogger

Apparently Winston Peters has been blogging. Now I don't know if it is him that personally writes his blog but it certainly contains some of Winnie's hallmark victim mentality, invective and characteristic silliness and chips on both shoulders over his media coverage.

An excerpt from Winnie the Blogger as opposed to Winnie from Wonderland:

Winston Says...

…people ask “what’s up with New Zealand media?”…

It’s a good question.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed one of the most systematic and dirtiest smear campaigns in the history of New Zealand politics. And many media outlets and their journalists have been either wittingly or unwittingly complicit. The near hysteria with which some journalists and right-wing blog sites have written about these allegations and back-slapped each other is almost laughable. The fact remains that nothing outside the laws has occurred involving New Zealand First.

Many journalists have lost their perspective on these matters. At a time when the economy is very likely in recession, when we’ve had winter storm after winter storm, when petrol prices have soared, finance companies have collapsed, many families are struggling , the headlines have been full of slurs and downright lies about New Zealand First. Journalists need to get back in touch with what is truly important in this country.

Peters goes on to support his railing against mainstream media and "right wing blogs" by using tired old political hack Tom Frewen and the creator of Dilbert as support for his views against "foreign ownership" and media bias.

Same old shite, just a different day.

What we really need to know old wise one, who is funding your blog?

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