Monday, August 18, 2008

Vili's acheivement individually brilliant

"I've dedicated so much to my parents, but tonight it was all about Val and all about [coach] Kirsten [Hellier], and just the hard work we've put in over the last 10 years,"

Valerie Vili 2008.

Valerie Vili's win last night at the 2008 Beijing Olympic shot put shows what an individual can do if one puts ones mind to it.

While Valerie wouldn't profess to be a role model, her achievement is surely a great example to others, especially those in the community in which she comes from, the Labour Party fed welfare disaster of South Auckland.

Valerie never gave up, she had a goal, individually pursued it after getting support from her parents and coaches, not the State, and as a result has become a well deserved success on the international stage.

The collective approach of the current Labour led Nanny State, where they teach you in school that it is OK just to participate rather than win, was ignored by Vili, and just as well.

If she and her parents hadn't ignored the Labour Party collective mantra, we wouldn't have heard the name Valerie Vili today.

Well done Val, I hope you enjoy your win and make a bundle out of it.

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