Friday, August 8, 2008

More visitors from Labour HQ

Those at the Labour Party Blog, The Standard have once again passed on links to their mates at the Beehive and once again someone from the Labour Party came to check out a couple of articles.
Was Helen Clark making an episode of
The Simpsons last Friday when the
National Party conference was bugged
or was she using a stand-in for an alibi?

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8th August 2008 16:36:58
3 mins 45 secs
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Lower Hutt Wellington New Zealand ( [Label IP Address]

This time the visitor is from MSW, which I think is the Ministry of Social Welfare, and once again, like the Labour Party visitor from Parliament the other day, this visitor came through Labour's Blog site.

I only mention this again because the people who post at The Standard, keep claiming they have no relationship to the Labour Party but evidence of their cosy marriage, or in Labour's case un-civil union, is blatantly clear.

These are the people who also claim that even though they had two members of The Standard Blog busted outside the National Party conference last week, dressed up trying to look like National Party members, right down to rosaries on their lapels, that they were not responsible for bugging the conference and leaking secret tapes-with more to come says TV3's disgraced Duncan Garner-to Television three.

The folk at The Standard claim that the tapes were made and leaked to TV3 by a "National Insider". A comment so silly it doesnt require a reply from my good self. I mean who stands to benefit from the dirt gleaned from a setup at a drunken National Party piss up?

The Labour Party and its leader Helen Clark will clearly be implicated if the deep throat within their propaganda organ, The Standard, is exposed as the little tiddler who piddled his way into National prominence by bugging another political party.

It is clear from all this, if Labour will stoop to spying on their political opponents they will do anything to keep the reigns of power in the run up to the 2008 election.

Gag me with a spoon.

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