Wednesday, August 27, 2008

VIDEO: Winston Peters VS Rodney Hide

Today Rodney Hide is trying to debate the corrupt practices of one Winston Peters. In his five minute members speech, he was continually interrupted by Peters because he didn't like what he was hearing. His 5 minute speech took an hour.

This video from Parliament 3 weeks ago shows some similar obfuscation from Winston Peters and it was a pathetic attempt from him to shut down democratic debate.

This from an individual holding up the Labour Government in regard to important legistlation, representing us as Foreign Minister and advising Fiji on its democratic process.

What a bloody joke, pass the banana.

c Political Animal 2008


  1. Rodney Hide is a fucken joke. He reminds me of Adolph Hitler. Good for a laugh though...

  2. He is one of the ONLY principled people in Parliament and his singular stand on the climate change fraud is to be applauded.

    To liken him to Hitler is moronic.


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