Thursday, August 28, 2008

Winnie flame grills another whopper

Suspended on a high wire, with a 100ft drop below, shaky legs, carrying Rodney Hide on his back, Helen Clark throwing the Baubles of office at him and with John Key tickling him with a feather, Winston Peters is still able to leap to bizarre conclusions and balance all credibility on a gnats pubic hair.

Peters is now cooking up a curious story about a conversation he had(with who Winnie?) that seemed to date back to November 2005 in which Peters contends will redeem him when he fronts the Privileges Committee again next week.

Winnie has a few more days to flesh out his story, but the deeper he reaches down in his cave of obfuscation and bluster the more confused we all get and meanwhile Winnie gets lost in the emptiness of his own little wonderland.

He did his best to halt further allegations against him from the aforementioned Hide(no yellow jacket this time folks-very appropriate because his colour was anything BUT yellow) in Parliament yesterday, making Hide's five minute members speech an hour long.

Usually Peters is able to make his own speeches seem this long by simply speaking the regulatory five minutes.

Pass the banana please, Im feeling a republic coming on.

Peters in Parliament yesterday - VIDEO

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