Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't let the bastard go

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Amongst all the recent political news of those close to Labour bugging the opposition National Party conference, Ruth Dyson advocating for multiple partner relationships and having the State financially support them, ACC rorts and The labour Party frothing at the mouth over John Key and his Party's policy to make welfare a much less rosy alternative , we seem to have all let one Winston Peters head out of the noose.

This slippery little bugger has had a few problems with secret donations to him or his political party from big business going astray and political corruption likely over donations made from the Vela racing family and Peters as minister of racing passing favourable tax laws to enrich his benefactors.

The worst seems to be over for him, and if all he gets is bad press inches from his underhanded backroom deals and lies, this country and its political masters should be well ashamed if they let him get away. Again.

I guess we cannot expect much from a group of people who would pass a retrospective law to make legal something they did illegally or indeed set their own pay rates and employment conditions.

We really need to hold this little prick to account though. To let him get away with it means the new low that he would set for politics will be limboed under by some other polly in the future.

Winston Peters payola scandal @ Political Animal

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