Friday, August 29, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Peters stood down

Winston Peters has finally been stood down.

It has taken 24 hrs from the time that Helen Clark revealed to media that she knew about Peters lies 6 months ago, when Owen Glenn told her Winston Peters had received $100,000 from the billionaire to "stand down" the politician and it has taken 6 months in total for Clark to do anything about the scandal.

Today's move by Ms Clark was a leisurely one.

What should have been done with immediacy and efficiency instead was executed incompetently and arrogantly-by both Clark and Peters.

Meanwhile Clark will take over Peter's portfolios and will still be able to use his and his NZ First Party's votes to pass the fraudulent Emissions Trading Bill.

Labour's Emissions Trading Bill, when passed into law, will cost individual Kiwis thousands of dollars a year because of the extra taxes that the Government will be able to foist on the population to "combat (fraudulent) climate change".

The fact that Ms Clark is not prepared to put off this immensely negative bill in the face of one of her cabinet players having corruption charges swirling around him, only shows the continued arrogance and high-handedness that started with her cover-up of Peter's guilt 6 long months ago.

Sadly we have become ever so used to this style of politics from our current Prime Minister.

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