Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This punk wasnt lucky

Nike-Greek goddess who personifies victory.

My inaugural Dirty Harry award for taking out the trash goes to the brave individual who shot a scumbag in the face when they tried to rob his dairy.

He calls himself Nike, and how appropriate, most Kiwis will be behind him, except of course the cops:

"I don't want other people to think it's okay to do what this gentleman has done," he said. "Certainly we discourage what he's done'.

Detective Constable Matt Grant.

It seems the detective forgets that Narjev Singh lost his life in a South Auckland liquor store a couple of months ago when he put his hands up after a Maori individual held up his store. An assailant shot him dead. Had Narjev owned a gun he might well have been alive today.

Given that, Matt Grant gets the inaugural Louise Nicholas Wanker Award, so named because of Louise' fondness for cops and her governmental appointment to "survivor advocate" to,a "collect stories of other sexual violence stories" even though she isn't a victim of such a crime herself.

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