Friday, July 25, 2008

2008 NBR Rich List

The 2008 NBR Rich List is out. I suspect most Kiwis will be looking at the list with a large amount of jealousy and an unhealthy level of suspicion.

The NBR says Mr Key's well-known rag to riches story sees him owning properties in Auckland, Wellington, Omaha Beach, as well as an apartment in London and newly acquired $US3.25m holiday home in Hawaii.


Rich List to 10:

1 Graeme Hart $6 billion

2 Todd Family $2.6 billion

3 Eamon Cleary $2.1 billion

4 Christopher Chandler $2 billion

4 Richard Chandler $2 billion

6 Goodman Family $1.64 bilion

7 Lynette Erceg $1.4 billion

7 Stephen Jennings $1.4 billion

9 Wade Thompson $750 million

10 Sir Michael Fay $700 million

10 Douglas Myers $700 million

10 David Richwhite $700 million.

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