Friday, July 25, 2008

Take an early poll Helen

The latest outburst by Winston Peters today at a press conference staged by him to defend the indefensible; the Owen Glenn, Vela and Bob Jones donations, all clearly made and all clearly denied in various degrees by Peters comes at a crucial time for Peters, his NZ First Party and Helen Clark and the Labour Party.

Winston Peters denies any wrongdoing TV3
Statement from Winston Peters
Winston Peters faces media

The accusations made against Winston Peters, with written proof in all three cases, are sackable offences for a Cabinet Minister under the terms of Labour's own cabinet manual.

But with some crucial Labour legislation, like the economy wrecking Carbon Credit trading law to pass before an election, the Prime Minister wont push Peters because it will mean an early election.

More proof of course that Clarks politics and lust for power have preference over rules, the country and its laws.

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