Friday, July 18, 2008

Peter's admits lying about Glenn Donation

As pointed out in this blog last week Winston Peters lied about receiving money from billionaire Owen Glenn.

He has just been reported as saying minutes ago in the NZ Herald(story below) "he had only just found out about it" today, thereby admitting his lie, finally.

This is after he labeled Audrey Young from the Herald and the Herald itself liars for reporting that his party, NZ First, had accepted money from Glenn. Earlier this year, when it was discovered that Labour had received secret donations from Glenn, Peters was asked then if his party had received money as well, but he denied it.

His party and himself, strongly supported the Electoral Finance Act, that Peters purported that the act would, "stop big secret money from buying elections", only to accept large donations himself.

This individual has to go.

Pass me a bucket.

Peters: "I just found out Glenn gave me 100K"

8:14PM Friday July 18, 2008
Winston Peters. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Winston Peters. Photo / Mark Mitchell

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said tonight expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn donated $100,000 towards a legal action he mounted after the 2005 election, but he denied the money was given to his party and said he had only just found out about it.

Since July 12, when the Weekend Herald published an email from Mr Glenn in which the business tycoon said he had given money to NZ First, Mr Peters has angrily denied that any was received.

He has called reporters liars and called for the resignation of the Herald's editor Tim Murphy and its political editor Audrey Young. Continued

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