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TV3 NEWS POLL: 20 July 2008

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Sun, 20 Jul 2008 6:55p.m.

The National Party could govern with unbridled power on the evidence of tonight's 3 News political poll. However the gap has closed slightly between Labour and National.

The Labour Party's attacks on National leader John Key and the policy of the National party have made some difference with Labour managing to regain some lost ground.

In the 3 News poll, National looks to be firmly in control at 48 percent, while Labour sits steady at 35 percent.

Meanwhile the Greens have moved up to seven percent, followed by NZ First who nudge up to four percent, and looks set the crucial MMP threshold of five percent.

The Maori Party came in at two percent, followed by Act at one percent and trailing at 0.3 percent was United Future.

Using the figures from the poll, in parliament National would govern alone with 62 seats and could get help from Act or United Future if it needed.

Labour would have 45 seats and the Greens would have nine. The Maori Party would have four seats and Progressive one.

*The TV3 Poll is in stark contrast to the Roy Morgan Poll out Friday 18 July, which shows National in the lead from Labour by more than 20 points
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