Friday, July 25, 2008

Share Investor Forum July Giveaway (UPDATED)

Join up to the New Share Investor Forum, make a valuable post in the "market" section of the site and go into the draw to win the following prize. Current members are also eligible to enter the giveaway by simply making a post.

For every additional friend that you refer to the Share Investor Forum you get another chance in the draw.

The Economist is an excellent read, devoid of the usual leftist drivel that one finds in the bulk of the worlds financial media.

The Economist 6 month subscription valued at US$60.00(BUY IT HERE)


THE ECONOMIST is a weekly news and business publication written for top business decision-makers and opinion leaders who need a wide range of information and views on world events. It explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, finance, current affairs, science and technology. Regular editorial departments include American Survey, Asia, Europe, International, Business, Finance, Science and Technology, and the Arts. In additions, The Economist also publishes special monthly editorial surveys that focus on industries, markets or countries.

**The competition is valid from Tuesday 1 July 2008 up to and including July 31 2008, Pacific GMT + 12 hours.

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