Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Winston Peter's Glenn donation scandal: But wait theres more!

Seems the Dom Post has been digging for gold over the Winston Peters secret donations scandal as well as the NZ Herald, who kicked it all off a week ago.

The latest revelation is that Peters has received money from the Vela family, owners of large fishing and racing interests in New Zealand.

It is thought that the Vela Family could have given up to NZ$150,000.00 and it hasn't been disclosed and must be. Donations have been made in amounts under $10,000.00 so don't have to be disclosed when made separately. Again big money going to a politician who has campaigned against the National Party for doing similar things.

The donations do not appear in NZ First's annual declarations to the Electoral Commission. A clear breach of electoral law if it is true.

The Dom Post hasn't made a direct comment on the fact that Peters has had donations from a family deeply involved in the racing industry while at the same time Peters is the Minister for racing. Political Animal will. That is corruption at the highest level, even if Peters latest donations are legal.

A second revelation by the Dom Post has been that Mr Henry, Peters Lawyer, also received at least $45,000 for legal services - paid for by Parliamentary Service funds last year.

Winston has replied in typical fashion that taxpayer money has been used to pay his legal bills:

"That is a lie."

MPs Rodney Hide and Gordon Copeland have taken a breach of privilege over Peter's secret Glenn donations to the speaker of the house, Margaret Wilson, while John Key asked Winston to apologise for misleading the public, too soft for my liking, and our great leader, Helen Clark, backs Winston all the way - why wouldn't she, her party has been arse deep in the same sort of corrupt practices.

In characteristic political fashion, something he has no doubt learnt from Helen Clark, Peters is leaving the country on another bauble filled junket.

He hasn't given a press conference, as is his want, to clear things up, so will get away with commenting until he gets back.

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