Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NZ Herald Digipoll: July 29 2008

The latest political poll shows the trend that started in polls from August 2007. A wide gap of support between National and Labour. National has been ahead in the majority of polls since that date and has consistently polled above a 20 point lead over Labour.

There were several polls out 9 days ago that suggested a claw back by Labour but the Roy Morgan Poll from that weekend showed the continued trend that today's Herald Digipoll shows.

Labour's destruction in the 2008 election.

It will be very interesting to see polls out after the scandal surrounding Winston Peters and his corrupt secret donations from big business and Helen Clarks tacit support for him and this corruption.

5:00AM Tuesday July 29, 2008
By Paula Oliver
John Key has a 3.1 per cent lead over Helen Clark in the preferred PM stakes. Photos / Alan Gibson, Sarah Ivey

John Key has a 3.1 per cent lead over Helen Clark in the preferred PM stakes. Photos / Alan Gibson, Sarah Ivey

National has widened its lead in this month's Herald-DigiPoll survey, recording its highest support in a year, while Labour has dropped to just above 30 per cent with the election no more than 3 1/2 months away.

The poll is the first to be completed since New Zealand First leader Winston Peters became embroiled in fund-raising controversies, but his party has gained slightly and his personal rating has dropped only marginally.

National leads Labour by 24.6 percentage points - reversing signs of a Government comeback in other polls.

National has risen half a percentage point since June to 55.4 per cent support, while Labour has dropped 1.6 points to 30.8.

The only other party to get across the crucial 5 per cent threshold to enter Parliament is the Greens, with 5.5 per cent. But New Zealand First, at 4.1 per cent, is edging closer.

National would govern alone if the poll were translated into seats. The election must be held by November 15.


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