Thursday, July 24, 2008

I didn't give Winston Peters a donation

c Blanch 2008

OK, who in New Zealand didn't give little Winnie a secret donation in the past?

Faster than you can say Hanover Finance has gone bust, the latest revelation from the Dom Post is that Bob Jones has given secret money to a trust administered by Winston Peters brother .

The donation has not been declared to election officials.

Like Labour, Winston Peter's NZ First has railed heavily against secret donations from wealthy individuals and companies but has nevertheless been at the centre of controversy himself by accepting secret money from Owen Glenn, the Vela Family and now Sir Bobby.

Last year Peters and Labour were at the centre of the passing of the Electoral Finance Act, an act they contended would stop these sorts of donations in the future.

In particular, fingers were pointed at the National Party over "big money" buying favours for their donors, but the fingers have clearly been pointing right back.

There is nothing like a little bit of hypocrisy to get the mind focused.

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