Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sky City outlines a clear future plan

Today's newsletter to Sky City Entertainment [SKC.NZ] shareholders got me a little excited for the company and its future direction, and that hasn't happened for a few years.

The content of the newsletter outlined the direction that CEO Nigel Morrison wanted the company was to proceed towards, how it was going to get there, and a time frame to stick to.

The language was clear, to the point, and had none of the "management speak" of past shareholder communication.

It reminds me somewhat of the management at Mainfreight Ltd [MFT.NZ] and their no nonsense approach to ramming their point home.

Now whether management achieve their stated goals is another question, but previous management were truly awful communicators; to their shareholders,within the company and definitely to their customers and the market.

A clear way of communication in business often translates into positive results. Uncomplicated communication gives a clear direction for employees and can translate into a more productive and happier workforce and hopefully a better bottom line.

Morrison has also made practical moves towards the stated company goal, new management have been hired to grow individual casino businesses and a focus on organic growth is emphasised throughout the shareholder communication.

The direction the company is headed is most directly apparent in the outlook for 2009.

"Our shareholders have made it clear to us that they want us to focus on maximising the performance of the assets we operate. This is what we will be doing. as we have said previously, we expect to achieve this within an 18-month time frame. We will retain tight control over capital and not expend capital unless we are very confident of healthy returns for shareholders".

Lets hope the follow through shows some concrete results in the following 18 months.

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