Thursday, July 3, 2008

You can take the family out of South Auckland

Yet another slap in the face for the repeal of section 59, or the "anti smacking" law. The latest death of a 7 year old boy in Nelson, shows the failure that this law is. Deaths and beatings have actually increased, which is, with thick irony, because of the relaxation in the law.

Just like the removal of corporal punishment in schools over 20 years ago -and we have the knuckle dragging hand wringer Cindy Kiro, who was at the forefront of the removal of section 59 bleating about bullying in schools today(cant you see the connection Cindy!)- we are beginning to see that the anti smacking law will breed more violence, teachers have found that out and parents now know this to be the case and our kids will suffer badly as a result.

In the meantime more innocent good parents are being victimised by police and government bureaucrats for slapping their child on the wrist.

The family concerned in the NZ herald story below are originally from that successful social experiment in South Auckland, where welfare is king, personal responsibility is a four letter word, and dependence on the State rules.

5:00AM Thursday July 03, 2008
By Elizabeth Binning and Beck Vass
Police at the Stoke house where the 7-year-boy was found dead. Photo / Tim Cuff

Police at the Stoke house where the 7-year-boy was found dead. Photo / Tim Cuff

Police investigating the "suspected homicide" of a 7-year-old boy have arrested a former South Auckland man and charged him with assault.

The man, believed to be the boy's stepfather, will appear in the Nelson District Court today.

Police started a homicide inquiry after being alerted to the boy's death at his Stoke home by ambulance staff about 11.40am.

It is the second suspected child abuse case this week.

A 3-year-old Avondale boy was still fighting for his life in the Starship hospital yesterday after being admitted on Monday.

Police were tight-lipped on details of the Nelson inquiry but the Herald has learned it is a suspected child bashing. Continued

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