Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mikey loves Iti

c NZPA 2008

Much political capital was made last year by the Labour Party and mainstream media when John Key was seen to Hongi with Tama Iti. A criminal facing arms charges Labour called Iti, the John Key Hongi they said supported and legitimised a criminal.

What gives?

It doesn't really matter in the great scheme of things but Cullen especially, does have a record of saying and doing things after telling others they shouldn't.

Witness the meagre tax cuts he passed before the coming election. He has been saying for 9 years that the tax cuts that National have proposed were evidence of a morally bankrupt party and an "election bribe".

The Iti/Cullen love fest is just more of the same.

Can anyone tell me how you can recompense a party (buy maaaoorii votes) who didn't sign a contract(The Treaty of Waitangi) for perceived grievances related to that contract?

A contract these days it aint worth the paper it is written on(The Sonny B defence) and if you dont have a contract you get the benefits of having signed one anyway.

Ahh well, I might just sign up for that write off of $40000.00 in debt that Labour are contemplating, making it easier to break contracts with debtors.

Will someone gag me with a spoon, before socialism does.

c Political Animal 2008

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