Friday, July 4, 2008

Helen Clark Naked

Visitors to this site come from some interesting places and for various reasons.

We get individuals from various government departments checking up on themselves. Labour regularly have a read as well as various State funded lackys from the likes of Cindy Kiro's office and the mad Greens.

Googlers have been searching for stories on the truckers protest, Ian Wishart's Absolute Power Book, political polls and anti smacking topics.

The Google searches have however plumbed some disturbing depths this last week.

I have had 3 separate searches detailed as follows, "Helen Clark Naked" and they end up here on Political Animal. Now I know Ms Clark is attractive to her University lecturer husband but I question the sanity of the Googlers. clark naked&btnG=Search

Can one of my readers tell me if there is a supermodel out there with the same name as the New Zealand Prime Minister?

c Political Animal 2008

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