Friday, July 11, 2008

Tony Veitch and Fox stories cunning diversions

Although muck raking by the Labour Party has become something of an art form of late, and will no doubt become something of a masterpiece as the 2008 Election draws nearer, the distribution of news of the latest "wife-beating" scandal to hit New Zealand, Derek "The Muss" Fox, after Tony"left handed" Veitch, by a Labour staffer seems more of an inside job within the racist Maori Party, rather than another hole being dug by Ms Clark and her minions.

Besides the bloated porker Parekura "I want another sandwich" Horomia being threatened by Derek "I hate whitey" Fox and his running against Labour's Horomia, Labour has little else to gain by making this sort of move.

I could be wrong though, Labour have been on a suicide mission recently with bad news coming out every day from gaffs by ministers and bureaucrats. Only the Tony Veitch and Derek Fox stories have taken Ms Clark's crumbling goverment off the headlines as mainstream media "journalists" scramble for the salacious stuff.

These stories are indeed well timed and if one were a conspiracy nutbag, one might think of other motivations for people currently in power to leak these kinds of headline grabbing sagas.

It is classic Labour Party stuff.

The polls toll for Labour

Lets take a break
Is a coup against Helen Clark's leadership likely?

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