Monday, July 7, 2008

The Poll's toll for Labour

The Roy Morgan Poll out last Friday is the continuation of a trend of political polls going back more than a year that have confirmed a clear split of over 20 points between Labour and National since October.

The Roy Morgan Poll is a critical one as it predicted accurately the outcome of the 2005 Election and the polls leading up to it.

If National were to continue the current polling trend then they would have a clear majority to govern the country on its own.

The latest poll was taken before the two major protests of last week, against the unpopular Labour Party and its increasingly out of touch stance with the average Kiwi working person.

Increasingly as public opinion goes against Labour, the Prime Minister and her cabinet have resorted to vicious personal attacks on John Key. All of which have backfired in spectacular fashion because of inaccurate details and "misspeaking" by the Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

Comments on previous polls by Labour have been called "rogue polls" by the Prime Minister and inaccurate by the support party New Zealand First.

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