Thursday, July 30, 2009

2009 NBR Rich List

NBR have their rich list out today. The Herald has a preview. Graeme Hart is once again at the top of the heap, while the Fays, Richwhites, and Todds, as usual, fill in the top ten.

Still mostly old money on the list but great to see the self made man Hart continue to pull in the bucks.

Great to see acknowledgment, without the jealous sneering, of those who have worked hard and done well to enable themselves to get on such a list.

  1. Graeme Hart $2.75b
  2. Todd family $2.6b
  3. Eamon Cleary $2.1b
  4. Christopher and Richard Chandler $2.0b each
  5. Goodman family $1.8b
  6. Stephen Jennings $1.0b
  7. Erceg family $700m
  8. Douglas Myers $700m
  9. Sir Michael Fay $660m
  10. David Richwhite $660m

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