Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mt Albert By-Election win a Turning Point in Labour Party Leadership

Congratulations to Labour's David Shearer for winning the Mt Albert By-Election by a landslide tonight.

He beat Melissa Lee from National, by a far larger majority than Helen Clark beat the National Candidate in the November 2008 General Election.

What does this tell us?

Well, it says that Shearer is a popular fellow, albeit in a safe seat a Labour party Monkey could win but what it also says is that Phil Goff's days as Labour Party leader are numbered.

With Helen Clark polling lower than Shearer and with Goff a part of Helen's old 2008 team the writing is on the wall for Goff. He was and is part of a dying Labour under Clark and now him and Shearer is its future.

The big win tonight really is the turning point for Goff's leadership and a grab for the top job cant be far off for Shearer and what will be his new team.

Goff simply cannot beat John Key in the 2011 General Election but after tonight Labour Party hierarchy will know for sure that David Shearer will have a much better chance.

Tonight's result has not been good for Phil Goff but it has been great for Labour's chances come 2011.

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